Breakthrough: for older men with or without high blood pressure and diabetes
If This Does Not Solve Your Premature Ejaculation Problem in the Next 30 Days or Less Then Nothing Else Will Help You

Look, I know you are sick and tired of seeing adverts online talking about premature ejaculation.

I also know you have seen so many claims all over the internet, some claiming they can enlarge your manhood like a python and make you last 40 minutes, 60 minutes and even 2 hours in bed.

I believe you are smart so I know that you know all of those things are JUST lies told by people who just want to make money from your problem, then turn around and sell you things that don’t work.


I am not going to insult your intelligence and so I am going to be 100% very very honest with you here.

What you are reading is an advert,

…..and I’m advertising two things. The first one is a drug that will cure your premature ejaculation problem. The other one is also a drug that will ensure you can go multiple rounds per night (safely)

I will not insult you by promising you increased girth or length size or things like that. If that is what you need, this is not where to find it (hint, it doesn’t exist)

But, if you want to be able effectively able to use what you already have, I promise you, this is your final bus stop.

But Here Is the Truth

My premature ejaculation drug WILL NOT make you last 20 minutes or 30 minutes or an hour in bed if you are lasting 1 to 5 minutes right now. And my ‘enforcer’ will not make your manhood as long as a python or anything of the sort.

I wish I can tell you it will but I will be lying if I told you that.

What my Ed Crusher drug does is ONLY to add about 7 to 8 minutes to how long you already last now by repairing your already damaged penile muscle.

So if you last 1 minute now it is only going to make you instantly last for 8 or 9 minutes longer than you do at the moment (usually after 21 days of consistent use. I will explain later)

And if you are already lasting for 3 minutes it will just immediately add about 7 more minutes and make you last about 10 to 15 minutes.

And That Is Good Enough Because It Takes 10 Minutes of Sex to Satisfy a Woman after a little Foreplay

But the good thing about this is that if you start lasting 7 to 10 minutes for a while, your body will slowly start adjusting to add 3 minutes to that over time. So gradually, in a few months from now, you can be able to go from 10 to 13 minutes and then to 17 minutes or even more.

At your age, slow and steady is ALWAYS better than fast and furious.

Another Thing Is This

This ED Crusher I will give to you will not make your ejaculation problem disappear overnight. I will be lying if I told you that it would. But it works, trust me on that.

It takes about 21 days to repair your penile tissues and after that, you begin to build strength into it – after 21 days, you can expect greater strength, better timing and incredible sexual drive.

By the end of your first month of usage, you can safely expect to go 2 to 3 rounds a night. You would have developed your old stamina (and even better). Of course you will need a few minutes break here and there but if you’re determine, your penis will be strong enough to handle the journey.

Think of an all weekend encounter with madam

And this is 100% true. No Hypes.

I Know All This Because I Used It Myself.

I really did.

A lot of people will lie and tell you bogus stories about how they overcame premature ejaculation and lost their wives to their gate-man just to make you buy their stuff.

But I’m a real life example of what premature ejaculation can really do to a marriage. In my own case my wife cheated on me with her ex.

And it’s not her fault. Mine was caused by years of undiagnosed Diabetes (first sign of danger) then High Blood Pressure caused by the untreated sugar issue.

In your case your wife might not be cheating just yet…..maybe she is only wishing you can be better….maybe she is just wishing you can be as good as her ex…..but trust me on this, having premature ejaculation and not being able to last long or go multiple rounds is dangerous to ANY marriage…..

….it can ruin a marriage overnight, make your wife completely lose interest in you and even look down on you. It can make her seriously consider cheating on you, it can even go as far as making you scared of having sex.

But Maybe There Is Actually a Reason Why You Are Seeing This Post Today

….maybe this is the final chance you will ever have to come across what really works and solve this problem once and for all.

This not hype, but look - if this does not help you last long and repair your weak penile muscle – then NOTHING else will. The reason why I can tell you this with that kind of confidence is because I have tried everything imaginable before I finally stumbled on this.

….So I know

Therefore Take It or Leave It

If this can work for me and thousands other men who use it in over 27 countries, Including the US and Canada or the UK, then I believe it can work for you too.

But You Might Be Asking Yourself Why Should Believe Me

….after all I’m trying to sell you something, so I might just be like everyone else out there trying to sell something that doesn’t work.

And the truth is that I simply don’t know how to convince you that I’m telling you the truth. I wish I can show you my heart so you will see how sincere it is but I cannot.

So you will just have to take my word for it, get it and see for yourself how much it works.


Here is another thing –

This Is The Only Formula Made With Older Men Living With HBP and Diabetes In Mind…any other drug out there will cause you cardiac arrest! This 2-in-1 ED Crusher IS THE ONLY DRUG that helps lower your blood pressure even during sex!

It takes exactly 67,510 naira just to bring the both of them into the country alone (it’s now higher due to recent naira devaluation). So it is not some random cheap stuff you can just walk into a pharmacy and pick up, and the reason is because the herb used in making them is only found in just a few parts of the world.

But I’m Willing to Make You a Very Crazy Offer

The mPower costs 39,000 naira and the Alpha Enforcer (this one is responsible for building strength so you can go more than 1 round) costs exactly 27,000 naira. Which is about 66,000 naira for the two.

But I will let you have the both of them for just N27,500 and the reason is because I have just 37 pieces remaining and I want to take advantage of the recent slight decrease in dollar price and quickly sell them off in order to purchase more pieces before the dollar prices raise again.

Which basically means that if the dollar price rises tomorrow then I might change my mind and take the price back to its original price.

I’m very sure this will sell off real fast.

Remember, you will begin to see serious after the first 21 days of using this 2-in-1 ED Crusher (every day for 21 days then 2hrs before sex every time you want to have sex)

Now, because of this, you need to buy more than one pack to see the full benefit of this ED Crusher.

Since you now know how much 2-in-1 ED Crusher will change you life, the next question is, “how much will the 2-in-1 ED Crusher cost you”?

Normally, 2-in-1 ED Crusher cost N27,000 and N37,000 each but today, if you order TODAY, you will receive a massive discount of 63.3%...IF YOU order today.

We have 3 options for you right now;

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Buying these 2 packs ensures you begin to see results as soon as possible and also ensure you have your weapon ready whenever you need it.

You notice I’ve been pretty plain with you throughout. No stupid stories, no sobbing nonsense. You didn’t come here for me to waste your time.

In addition, it’s just cheaper to buy the 2 months plan. You save more month.

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You get to save the most by buying the 3 packs. With this you can be sure of never running out of your enhancer in the next 90 days if you have sex every night. I can almost bet the renewed vigour from your woman. She would totally love this new man!

I mean, isn’t this all she’s been crying for? She wants you to satisfy her, and she’s right. You can’t blame here, sincerely.

That said,

I’m Even Going To Go Further To Make This Absolutely Safe For You In Order To Prove To You That It is Not A Scam

When you place an order, I will ship the product to you for free and you only pay when you receive the package.

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PS: If you buy this, and use it and you do not see any result in a month or less, just call me up on 0905-0228-890 and ask for your money back. You will get it, but to be sure you actually used it I will ask you to send me the empty packs. If I wasn’t sure it works I will not risk saying this.

PSS: If you feel this cannot put a permanent end to your premature ejaculation for you then it is your choice. And there is no way to find out order than to try it out first before rushing into a conclusion